Save 25% Off Hostgator Web Hosting

BusinessPulp is hosted on Hostgator. In fact, I have many websites hosted with them. Now, I’m happy to share this special discount offer with my BusinessPulp readers… [Read more…]

Why I DO Spend Time On Facebook

A lots been said about how much of a time suck Facebook is. Here’s why I DO spend time on Facebook and why I make no apologies for it: [Read more…]

What To Do If Your Web Hosting Fails

Imagine this: You just launched a new product and find out that:

  1. Your website is unavailable because your web host/server is down
  2. You can’t seem to send or receive emails from your business email accounts and you have clients ringing your phone saying they can’t send you email

Here’s how you fix this:

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Top Venture Capital & Private Equity Links for Beginners

If you’re ever in a position where an investor is interested in funding your business, you probably go through the following emotions:

  1. Woohoo! Somebody wants to give us money! Then it quickly becomes…
  2. Sh%$$t, what do I do now? How do I know I’m not going get shafted? How much is my business worth? How much equity and control will I lose or have to give up?

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Alternative to Skype

gizmo5-logo“…the majority is always wrong.” – Dan Kennedy

Update: Gizmo5 has since been acquired by Google and most likely being integrated with Google Voice.

I like to think of myself as a Contrarian (in everything I do). I’ve never been a huge fan of Skype. It was bloated software, their customer service for the paid services was abysmal, trying to buy something from them was a confusing and frustrating experience and the software regularly crashed my computer.

But I digress.

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Test your testing knowledge

As an entrepreneur and/or marketing professional, I’m sure you know the importance of testing everything you do and what works and what doesn’t work.

Lately I’ve been hooked on the latest project by Anne Holland, founder of MarketingSherpa, called WhichTestWon.

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8 Ways To Wake Up Earlier Without Feeling Like a Zombie

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. ~ Benjamin Franklin

My wife and I have been trying struggling to get into the habit of going to bed early so we can get up earlier and have an early start to our days.

The principle itself is sound. Doing it in real life is a completely different matter.

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Midphase web hosting coupon

Here’s an unscheduled post, but I wanted to let you know that one of the two web hosts I recommend (and use) has a time limited coupon where you can save 75% off the first 3 months of your web hosting with Midphase (you need to sign up for 12 or 24 months – the last 9 months are charged at the regular price).

Just quote coupon code: 75PERCENT

Go here to signup and save 75%

*Disclosure: The link to Midhpase is an affiliate link. that means I make a commission if you buy something from that site. While it doesn’t affect my recommendation for this website and/or product, you may simply enter the website URL directly if you have a problem with me earning a living.


Are you fit to be a manager?


You’re a star at your company. You are THE go-to expert for your role. You are the best at what you do.

For being a star, your boss promotes you to being a manager, so now you have people work under you.

And you crash and burn.

What happened?

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Where can I learn basic HTML?

HTML block letters

So, you’ve just bought web hosting, registered your spanking new web domain and it hits you…WTF?!!! You don’t know how to put up a bloody web page!

Fear not young grasshopper, I’ll tell you where to start. [Read more…]